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At Super Cash we can cash checks up to $100,000.00. You will receive cash on the spot for your check.

We cash Business Checks,Commercial Checks, Payroll Checks, Insurance Checks, Settlement Checks, US Treasury Checks, Mortgage Company Checks, State Checks and Cashiers Checks. For our truck driver friends we cash Com-Data Checks and T-Checks. In fact we can cash just about any check you can think of, with the following exceptions: We do not cash personal checks or money orders.

To cash your check bring the following documentation with you:

  • Pictured State Drivers License or Pictured State ID

  • Social Security Card or other proof of Social Security Number

  • If you are cashing a payroll check, bring the pay stub in with you

  • If another type of check bring some type of paper documentation to go along with the check. For example; Letter from a attorney if a settlement check, documentation from Social Security if a SS settlement check, letter from an insurance company if an insurance check, or Mortgage paperwork if a mortgage check.

The more documentation you have the easier it will be to verify and cash your check.

Call ahead with any questions. Unfortunately due to the wide variations between all different types of checks we are not able to quote a rate over the phone without first seeing the check. We will give you a reasonable and exact quote after being able to inspect the check in person.


Monday Through Saturday:
10 AM to 6 PM
(Clio is open 10 AM-4 PM on Saturday)
10AM to 4PM
(Clio is closed on Sunday)

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